Tired of the same old sales processes?  Wish there was something new to optimize the online sales funnel?  Welcome to Got Dibs!  See below our unique features that make Got Dibs an industry leader.

01 Creating a Sense of Urgency

‚ÄčToday's automotive sales market is highly competitive.  Dealerships must get creative to attract new customers.  Our Got Dibs system creates a unique sense of urgency for both the customer and dealership.  After a customer reserves a vehicle, Got Dibs takes over.  The sales lead is immediately sent to your CRM system, while at the same time sends instant emails and SMS-text messages to designated sales groups at the dealership as well as to the customer.  Got Dibs allows you to designate how long a vehicle is reserved for (from 1 day to as many days as you like).  During this time period, the customer is kept informed by Got Dibs of how much time is left on their reservation, thus creating a sense of urgency to come to the dealership to complete their purchase and drive away in their chosen vehicle.


02 Filling the Sales Gaps

While a vehicle is currently reserved, if another customer clicks on that same vehicle on your website, our system will inform that potential customer someone already has 'got dibs' on that vehicle.  Then, the system will allow them to get on the virtual waiting list.  This can fill the gaps to help ensure a constant stream of leads.



03 Customer Experience & VIP Lot Location

Buying a vehicle can be stressful.  Having the ability to research a vehicle, and then reserve it gives the consumer the flexibility to complete the purchase that fits their schedule making the customer experience that much better  In addition, if your dealership can accommodate a designated spot on your lot, then the customers vehicle can be moved into that special location so when they arrive, they vehicle is ready with a VIP tag on it with their name.  This can make the entire experience for the customer wonderful.  It may also result in a positive social media post by the customer about your dealership.



04 No CRM?  No Problem

Got Dibs isn't just a button on a website.  Got Dibs has CRM capabilities to track and manage incoming reservations.  Setup organizations, locations, and users.  Establish communication preferences and more.  Dealer Managers and Sales staff can log-in anytime to setup and manage all of their Got Dibs sales leads.



05 Getting up and running in no time

Getting started on Got Dibs is very easy.  All we have to do is place our button on your website, setup your organization, locations, and users and then train your sales staff - that's it.  In no time your sales staff and customers will be receiving emails and text messages with Got Dibs reservations!